It's just one month since he's been with us, but he already managed to win over our Live Heroes clientele. Zazac Namoo embodies all the features that perfect Live Heroes artists should have: he is original but approachable, popular but uncompromising, characteristic, active and committed.

Zazac in not just another artist with cute animals designs. He somehow manages to mix the ordinary with the fairy tale, placing animal world in a context of dreamlike surreal landscapes.

As he says himself "Art is communication with the public to me. Basically I think the most important thing is that music and art are supposed to sympathize easily with everyone. Also I think the important thing is making works in a way that everyone can figure out artist's purpose without any expert knowledge." I think we couldn't agree more.

Check out his magical style and take a chance to have some of his great artworks on Live Heroes apparel for 25% less!

Zazac's Live Heroes Shop