Live Heroes: You've been our Brand of the Week some while ago. Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Dustrial: Yes, I am very satisfied, I got a lot of exposure out of it.

Live Heroes: Could you estimate how much items did you manage to sell in that time?

Dustrial: I don't remember the exact number, but it was about 100 products.

Live Heroes: What did you do that helped you to be so successful?

Dustrial: Mainly it was all about promoting my brand online. I made use of all the social media channels to keep in touch with my fans and followers – tumblr, facebook, instagram and others.

Live Heroes: But most of other artists do the same. Was there anything special in the way you promoted yourself on the web?

Dustrial: Tumblr is the platform where I focus most of my social media efforts. The crowd is younger and more interested in the work that I do, so I see better engagement then say facebook. It's also a very visual platform, like instagram, but better suited for sharing, which works well for fashion. I try to post not just the clothing, but also the process of how its designed, imagery that inspires the clothing, as well as original GIFs of artwork I created.

Live Heroes: What did you gain from being our Brand of the Week?

Dustrial: I feel it put Dustrial in front of some people that might not have seen it before, so the added exposure was great, not only on Live Heroes, but elsewhere as well. It was also a great opportunity to get feedback on designs, to help with the creation of future concepts.

Live Heroes: To wrap up, what would you advise other artists who joined Live Heroes?

Dustrial: I would say its really important to find which social networks your core audience is and focus on that. Don't just spam your products with posts, but let people see your process and what you're all about. Engagement is a two way street, so try to solicit feedback as much as possible. Liveheroes is great platform for selling designs, to do so though you need to put in some effort to finding your audience.

Live Heroes: Thank you for your time!

Dustrial: Thanks.

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