This is the kind of collaboration that we like the most. They write that they love our brand and want to shoot a video. We send them clothes and two weeks later we get an awesome clip shot on vibrant London streets. 

New Time Masters are a group of young hitch-hikers who travel across Europe filming travel and fashion spots. They published just few videos on their YouTube channel but they seem like a promising and creative bunch. They represent everything that we stand for so we are more than eager to help and give them some shout-out. 

It was fast, it was fruitful and it was pure pleasure and there's no doubt that we look forward to more collabs of this kind in the future. 

Take a peek on how our clothes look on streets of London! 

Great, right?!

If you are our artist, fashion blogger, instagramer or anyone with head full of ideas - remember that you are welcome to contact us and we will think of making something fun together!