The success of an individual artist largely depends on his/her commitment. Obviously we constantly promote artists on our Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest and we feature the ones that are the most active and original and have great quality designs. But we also expect the artists to take it in their hands because it's hard to expose everybody.

Here are some few easy ways to improve the looks of the brand and to attract more LH lovers. 

As you know, since April all the newly uploaded designs have to be marked with filters and styles. Then the products automatically appear in our main shop. But the products and designs that were added earlier don't. So for those with older awesome designs marking the designs and products with styles and filters is an absolute must! It's easy and fun and it will take just a nick of time!

Here's how to do it:

As it turns out many of you add social media links incorrectly and your customers cannot enter them and see your fan-pages. Instead of typing the whole link you just need to add what comes after slash. Go to brand settings and social networks section, you will see the beginning of the link, i.e. and you just need to add the rest. After that click update - the link will work correctly and the customers can go to your fan-pages and get updated. 

As for some other tips we would suggest you not to upload one design on every piece of clothing available, because there is a lot of different cuts and some of them do not suit every product. Besides it could be tiresome to scroll through dozens of them with the same design. 

Remember that the diversity is not a bad thing and I suggest you to upload designs of various styles but which have something in common, so that your style would be easily identifiable.

And now about something about promoting oneself in social media. We will send you three discount codes worth 30% after 7, 30, 90 and 180 days of being our brand so that you could get things going. You can give the codes to your friends, family, post them on social media for your fans and followers, organize a contest or simply use them yourself to buy your own clothes. 

If you have any other ideas as to how to use the discount codes or how to team up with us and come up with some interesting promotional action - don't hesitate and contact us at!