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Yes, we ship to United States of America!

On Live Heroes you are not only a passive buyer. Everyone on Live Heroes can start an independent fashion brand, sell clothes and accessories created by them and earn money. Long story short, you create the graphics and we take care of all the rest including marketing, manufacturing and delivery. You get paid for every sold item of your brand. Got your attention? Then read on.

What are the brands?

Think of them as an extension for a regular Live Heroes Account. Every registered user can create their own brand, whenever an item created and published by that user is sold, 20% of the revenue goes straight to them.

What is the difference between a brand profile and a regular profile?

As mentioned above, the brand owner gets 20% revenue of every sold item created by them and published by their brand. Also brands can have a banner visible at the top of the brand page, a logo and a description.

What do I need to create a brand?

In order to create your own brand on Live Heroes you’ll need:

  • A Live Heroes account
  • A PayPal Account
  • 1€ to verify your identity

Although creating and registering a brand is free, you still need to make a 1€ payment through your PayPal so that we can verify your identity and link your PayPal and Live Heroes accounts.

How can I create a brand?

Creating an account is as easy as 1,2,3, we will guide you through the process step by step.

  1. Create a Live Heroes account.
  2. After creating the account go to the profile settings page, or click HERE.
  3. Click Create Brand button. 
  4. Next, fulfill the brand information, accept Live Heroes Terms & Conditions and verify your identity by transferring 1€ via your PayPal account.
  5. You are done, click HERE to configure your brand.

Where can I set my logo, banner and my brand description?

You can set or change your brand banner, logo and description on your brand settings page or by clicking HERE.

How big my brand banner and brand logo should be?

Your brand banner should be at least 1240x435 pixels, your logo should be at least 400 x 400 pixels.

I sold an item. Now what?

Basically nothing. We will manufacture the item and deliver it to the customer. You’ll get 20% commission of every transaction generated by your brand without even moving from your couch.

Will you promote my items?

Sure, why not?! We constantly promote the whole platform and also standalone designers whose designs are attractive and popular. 

How can I promote my brand myself?

We will send you three discount codes worth 30% after 7, 30, 90 and 180 days of being our brand so you could get things going. You can give the codes to your friends, family, post them on social media, organize a contest or simply use them yourself to buy your own clothes. The codes are valid one month.


How do I get paid?

The universal currency on Live Heroes is LHC (Live Heroes Credits). 1 LHC is 0,10 EUR. If you sell a sweater with your design costing 50 EUR, you will get 100 LHC (20% revenue of the sale). After you collect at least 250 LHC, you can order a money transfer to your PayPal account.

Where can I check how many LHC do I have?

You can check it on your brand settings page or by clicking HERE.

Where can I transfer my LHC to my PayPal?

You can transfer your LHC to your PayPal account on your brand settings page or by clicking HERE. After you collect at least 250 LHC an additional “Transfer money” button will appear next to your brand stats.